Jahan Baani Se Hai Dushwar Tar Kar-E-Jahan BeeniJigar Khoon Ho To Chashm-E-Dil Mein Hoti Hai Nazar Paida
More difficult than the conquest of the world is the task of seeing the world;When the heart bleeds, its then that you get that deep insight and the ultimate experience.– Unknown

With a collective travel experience of more than 100 years of our core team, we maybe ‘vintage’ and ‘rooted’, but are bound as well as freed by our undying quest for the extra ordinary. This is what defines the spirit of Rudra Xp.

Rudra, in Vedic mythology, is the ultimate vital energy, the one that grows as it wanders, without losing its intense, distinct identity. Absorbing different cultures, lifestyles, experiences are part of its journey in helping achieve its purpose.

Ideally, one could spend an entire life travelling, seeing new sights, people and places. But then we have to make a living, manage our everyday lives and then if possible, try and cater to this need to explore the new and the unknown.

At Rudra Xp, our endeavour is to make the most of the time that you take out for your travel pursuits and embellish them with characteristic, exclusive and rich experiences. We care for the unique perspective, the appreciation of excellence and that which maybe simple but not ordinary.

We go through each experience ourselves, all the good and the bad, so we can create the best and something as flaw-less as possible, for you.

Passionately studied and prepared for the discerning.

The effort is to open the window of the mind so that all your five senses are alive and in harmony with the universe around you, so you can have that ultimate experience.

The Team:

Maharaj I S Wahi

Maharaj Wahi is best described as a visionary tourism activist with a career spanning more than 40 years and a body of work that has made a deep, positive impact on the Indian Tourism industry.

Besides being the President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), the apex body for tourism operators in the country, he has also been a member of the Hotel Classification Committee of the Government Of India, classifying practically all premium hotels in the country. Besides being a member and advisor to various state tourism boards, national tourism policy, he has also been a part of the National Tourism Advisory Council of India.

He started his foray in tourism way back during his college days and made it into a lifelong journey when he founded TPB (Travel Promotion Bureau Pvt Ltd – a holding company of Rudra Xp) in 1973, and began doing pioneering work in the travel space, when travel was only a domain of the rich and the crazy.

Having always been a wild life enthusiast, he discovered his love for wild life photography along the way and undertook many exclusive adventures for BBC Wild life group and WWF to name a few. Renowned French Designers, Premiers of Greece and France, Royalty of England and Thailand were some of his valued clients. His Gourmet Tours, Special Interest Tours and Signature tours, had interactions and private meetings with the country’s best and the finest names, setting standards that till date remain unmatched.

An institution in himself, his eye for perfection in hospitality and the detailing in delivery of an experience, is the stuff legends are made of.

Over the years, he has become a front runner for socially responsible tourism and sustainable eco-friendly practices which has found its way into the heart of Rudra Xp and its vision.

Ekta Kapur

Ekta’s foray in tourism happened after a chance meeting with Maharaj I S Wahi in 2003, when she was trying to make a career out of films and documentaries. More than a decade later, she has become known for her pursuit for the extra ordinary, characteristic and original, that which could delight the most discerning.

After having travelled through the country and into its heartland, as also the faraway lands, she has inspected more than 1200 homestays, boutique stays, farm stays and over 300 top hotels as part of her journey to seek the finest and the purest. She has been a member of the Co-ordinating Committee for Hospitality in the Commonwealth Games 2010, Classification Committee for Homestays for Delhi Tourism and Karnataka Tourism among other states.

Although a post graduate, she believes no education matches upto real experiences of what travel explorations and discoveries can offer and mould one into.

Her varied interests in dance, food, cultures, history, nature, communities and crafts, make up for the essence of Rudra Xp and manifests in its myriad product offerings.

Amit Verma

Amit’s first brush with tourism happened a decade back, when he got involved in the web development of Rough Guides, a reputed and trustworthy brand the world over. Since then, working with diverse and the latest technologies, strategising and pursuing excellence have been at the core of his being.

He constantly likes to innovate with various software components and is the mind behind Rudra Xp’s web strategy, development and integration.

Rajnish Kashyap

Graphics, colours and art, make up Rajnish’s world. He seeks to listen to the chaos and noise swirling in the depths of imagination and channel that passion into something extraordinary. He collaborates with creative minds across the world on a daily basis and has a palpable desire to make a difference with his skills.

Being an avid traveller and a photographer himself, he has effortlessly created the design and form of the brand Rudra Xp, as it is today.

Elena Koledina

Elena represents the team in Russia and other CIS countries. She has been fascinated by India and its culture since her childhood. She studied Arts and Languages in Russia and in London UK, that was followed by extensive travel, before she joined the Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia. During her assignments, she has been involved in different projects connected with education, sports and technology till she realized that most of all what she wanted to do was to share with her countrymen, her love for India and the incredible experience of traveling here.

External Advisors:

Mandakini Sud

Mandakini is a strategic communications consultant with 14 years of international work experience spread across public, private, nonprofit and development sectors. The last six years of her career were spent in the private sector, advising some of the world’s leading organizations and their chief executives on communications strategy, media relations, reputation management, political and policy communication. Mandakini oversaw the design and development of brand Rudra Xp and has helped us in shaping our communication strategy, brand elements and product offering.

Saurabh Wahi

Saurabh is a Management Consultant with over 13 years experience in strategy and marketing. With particular focus on digital and business model innovation, he has advised Fortune 500 corporations and global brands like Facebook, Nikon, Volkswagen, Estee Lauder, Time Warner Cable, McDonalds, Samsung, Deloitte. Saurabh has been the chief architect of Rudra Xp’s organizational structure and its go-to-market strategy.

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