Romantic Taj Mahal with its Glory, Agra

Of Love Legends and Lores..

A spectacle steeped in history and legend, Agra was the seat of the mighty Mughals at the height of their glory. The Mughal stamp can still be seen throughout Agra – a testament to the endurance of their legacy. The winding streets of the city offer up many incredible tombs and monuments: from Itmadudaullah’s tomb, the Agra Fort, and the ruins of Fatehpur Sikri, to the soul of Agra – the stunning, ageless marvel known as the Taj Mahal.

The blinding beauty of the magnetic Taj pulls in visitors from all over, delighting one and all with tales of eternal love as well as its beautiful marble inlay work – an example of astounding craftsmanship that continues to flourish among the artisans in this city.


561 ft





18,50,000 approx.


  • Miniature  Taj Mahal replicas
  • Marble crafts like vases, tabletops, ornamental boxes
  • Leather goods and accessories
  • Metal sculptures, jars, plates
  • Carpets and rugs


  • Mughlai food – Boti kabab, tandoori fish
  • Dalmoth
  • Petha, Gajak

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