The Beautiful Golden Temple, Amritsar

Blessings and Beyond…………

The city of Amrit (or the nectar of immortality) is the spiritual hub of Sikhism, housing the Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) – the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. A sense of blissful peace emanates from the holy lake at the core of this temple, and every day thousands of visitors can be seen cleaning the floor, washing dishes, and serving food – reflecting the “seva bhav” that is at the heart of their faith. This religious hotspot is surrounded by a network of bylanes that spread out in all directions, festooned with timeless bazaars selling delightful examples of local cuisine. Amritsar is paradise for people in love with food. Each morsel of local food will stop you in your tracks. The flavours and textures are extraordinary and simple at the same time, heightening the overall sensory experience. It if often said that something magical in the waters of the city makes food taste even better than it is. Nearby stands silently Jalianwala Bagh, witness to key moments in India’s struggle for freedom.


769 ft





26,50,000 approx.


  • Phulkaris’ and  ‘parandis’
  • Juttis, durries

  • Patiala suits, bangles
  • Papad and  Urad ‘warian’


  • Amritsari Kulcha and Chole
  • T

    andoori chicken, Chicken tikka and Fish fry

  • Lassi and Gur halwa

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