Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Vidhan Soudha Bangalore

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

An environment that’s fully charged, the hustle bustle and buzz that epitomizes any big city, and a cool, soothing breeze striking that balance. That’s Bangalore for you, the cosmopolitan hotspot that somehow manages to retain the human touch. As you set out for a hectic day to soak in the various flavors and moods of Bangalore, the diversity strikes you instantly. It’s a city of fusion, with well-preserved emblems of its heritage — such as the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, the Bull Temple and the Mysore Arts and Crafts Center, along with its myriad nature parks and awe-inspiring Victorian-era architecture — as well as all the new-age symbols that mark its evolution into a modern-day hub of progress and development.

As the nucleus of India’s IT industry, Bangalore is a favorite among the youth because of its all-round cool demeanor – cool people, cool culture, cool cuisine and cool weather! Come to Bangalore, a veritable bouquet of food, fun, fashion on the one hand, and of heritage, greenery and old-world charm on the other.


3,000 ft





85,00,000 approx.


  • Silks and ivory items
  • Sandalwood products and rosewood carving


  • Pongal, Chow-chow bhath
  • Akki roti, Obattu

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