On the way to Chanfi

Silence of the soul

Seeking solitude? Check into our haven by the riverside, in an obscure hamlet called Chanfi near Nainital that exemplifies the tranquillity and charm of Kumaon. Far from the madding crowd, this working organic farm transports you to another world altogether, free of traffic, crowds and the humdrum of town life. In fact, the hideaway is so remote that from the main road, it’s a 30-minute, somewhat steep trek to the property! While at Chanfi, there are plenty of trails that you can explore by foot, either through long treks or short hikes and walks. If you’re a bird lover, watch out for some of the unusual species that Chanfi is home to — including the Oriental pied-hornbill, which is famed for building mud nests!


4,500 ft





80,000 app (Nainital – nearest town)


  • Local handwoven pullovers, socks and other winterware


  • Farm to mouth experience, solar cooking and use of old chulahs
  • Baadi, Til chutney, Arsa

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