Entrance to a Legacy - Visalam

Elegance of A Bygone Era

As one ambles along the endless willowy and compact lanes, the concoction that greets you is unique and awe-inspiring. Colonial villas and bungalows that exude stately charm; the almost eerily romantic ruins that stand as silent icons of the past; the colorfully picturesque and charming craft markets thronging and bustling with many an artisan and merchant; and the inimitably exotic architecture resonant in the temples of the town. Go back in time to live like the imperial businessmen of yesteryears as part of your stay at a businessman’s erstwhile mansion.

Learn about the traditional arts and games that defined culture back then. Shop for diamonds or antiques you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Visit the gopuram-topped temples to soak in the spirituality and the marvelous architecture that beholds. And of course, who can visit Chettinad and not sample the famous and distinctly spicy and tangy Chettinad cuisine!


269 ft




3,10,000 approx.


  • Kandaangi or Cotton Saree
  • Athangudi tiles made of local soil and glass
  • Intricate designed wood panels for doors and frames


  • Very spicy and aromatic cuisine
  • Kara kolumbu, Paal paniyaram, Aadi kummayam
  • Chicken Chettinad and seafood

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