The Blackbuck

Revisiting a forgotten era

Majestic havelis, undulating sand dunes, and rustic charm characterize the Rajasthani town of Churu. Of immense spiritual and historical significance, this tiny junction in the Shekhawati district, en route Bikaner, was founded in 1620 and is today renowned for the temples of Salasar Balaji and Balaji Babosa, Ratangarh Fort and the Kothar, Surana and Kanhaiya havelis. A stay at a haveli is your gateway to experiencing true Rajasthani royalty. The awe-inspiring restored haveli is more than a century old, and despite the contemporary creature comforts if offers, it retains the architectural grandeur that Rajasthan is traditionally known for. Rich in history, Churu is the subject of many anecdotes and legends. One such story is that during a battle in the 1870s, when brass and copper supplies ran out, the women of Churu sacrificed their silver ornaments to make shells for cannons!


958 ft


35℃–46℃ (nights are very cool)



1,01,000 approx.


  • Bangles
  • Silver jewellery


  • Bajra roti, Gatte ki sabji and Royal Marwari food

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