Siri Fort , Delhi

The kaleidoscope of past to the melody of present

Is it just a coincidence or were there fascinating reasons why Delhi remained a seat of power for some of the most influential and dominant empires since so far as the history has traced, or even before that? The biggest metropolis of the Indian Sub-continent, resonating the heartbeat of the country, also, doggedly stands for the alluring times that once were.
Whether it’s the esoteric Jamali Kamali, in the backdrop of the astounding Qutub Minar, the wondrous Tughlakabad Fort, the spiritual Nizammuddin, the abode of djinns Ferozeshah Kotla, or the Gated Shahjahanabad of the Mughals, they have all left a mark on the city’s vibrance as it exists today, where the old blends into new, in a way that gives the city a unique, heart-warming character.
Its an epicurean’s delight, as one gets spoilt for choice, be it the bylanes of Old Delhi for the street food or the upmarket Restaurants, offering authentic International cuisines. The richness of heritage, the multiple layers of culture, and the thriving traditional as well as contemporary artists, make it one of the world’s most absorbing and enriching capital cities.


409 ft





9900000 approx


  • Handicrafts from all over India
  • Textiles
  • Dresses made of cotton ( Indian & Western)
  • All types of jewellery


  • Kababs, Biryani, Butter chicken from Old Delhi
  • Chole-bhature, bedami-puri, spicy chaat
  • Jalebi, lassi, kheer

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