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Think of Gulmarg, and one is immediately reminded of many a classic Bollywood movie. The scenic beauty of Gulmarg has earned it a timeless space on the silver screen. Its name, which literally means ‘meadow of flowers’ is indeed very apt, given the stunning beauty of its meadows in summer, with generous smatterings of colorful flora painting the landscape. A topnotch skiing destination with Asia’s only winter resort, Gulmarg is renowned also for its gondola (cable car) rides, said to be the highest in the world. It’s also home to the highest 18-hole golf course in the world.


8,830 ft





2,200 approx.


  • Handmade clothing ( leather, fur, wool )
  • Brass decorative items


  • Rogan josh, Yakhni
  • Dum aaloo, Modur pulaav

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