In the lap of Brahmaputra

Guwahati has always been the gateway to the North east, even from the days of the larger Assam out of which the seven sisters, that exist today, were carved out. As you navigate through its back alleys and old quarters, you experience a generous amount of local flavour that lingers amid its suburban sprawl of ponds, palm trees, small single-storey traditional houses and old colonial-era mansions, making it the melting pot of the cultures.
Whether you hop on a boat or ferry across the mighty Brahmaputra, or pay a visit to the famous Kamakhya Temple that reflects the ‘Tantric’ and lesser known aspects of Hinduism, the city has an unmistakable stamp of vivid colors and aesthetics of the region.


182 ft





9,62,000 approx.


  • Bamboo handicrafts
  • Mekha chadar, Silk sarees ( Pat & Muga )
  • Brass utensils, Assam Tea


  • Rice, Erongba
  • Laksa, Poitbhat, Tea

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