Patalpani Waterfall - Indore

Home of the Holkars

Antique grandeur, combined with a progressive façade, epitomizes the mélange that shapes the character of Indore, Madhya Pradesh’s largest city. Indore is said to have derived its name from the temples of Indreshwar and Indrapur.

As you roam the streets of this commercial hub that’s growing leaps and bounds, you cannot help but be charmed by the unique concoction that is Indore. At the gates of Lalbagh Palace, you’re reminded strangely of the gates of Buckingham Palace – indeed, these were cast in England as replicas and then shipped to Indore! Another sight to behold is the Jain Kanch Mandir, or the Glass Temple, named so because all its surfaces are covered in glass and mirrors.

The ability of this city to have taken giant strides toward progress in terms of economics and education, without diluting its historic and cultural richness, is remarkable. The Holkar heritage is well-maintained in the city’s stoic palaces and fortress-like monuments, which stand as testaments of the city’s integral place in this period of Indian history.


1,814 ft





20,00,000 approx.


  • Chanderi sarees
  • Carved wooden artifacts


  • Poha – Jalebi, Coconut patties, Bhutte ki khees
  • Garadu, Moongdal halwa, Malpua

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