View of Ramathra Fort - Karauli

Turning back the pages of history….

Founded in 1348 AD by Yaduvanshi Rajput Raja Arjun Pal, the holy city of Karauli was originally named Kalyanpuri, after local deity Kalyanji. Today, Karauli is considered to be one of the holiest spots in Rajasthan, housing over 300 temples. This destination is renowned for its red-stone architecture, its historically rich monuments and its temples.

Far, far away, on a hilltop, you can enjoy purely indulgent living amidst the hauntingly silent ruins of the 350-year-old Ramathra Fort. The views from here are breathtaking, and when you’re not chilling in the confines of your luxury accommodation, go exploring along the many walking and cycling trails and soak in the pristine landscapes, commanding views of the countryside and the softly soothing serenity of the calm Kalisil Lake; take a deep breath as time stands still amid the haunting beauty that surrounds you.


840 ft


24℃–44℃ (cool in evenings)



1,71,500 approx. (Sapotra- nearest town)


  • Lacquer bangles
  • Tribal headgear


  • Dal-baati-churma
  • Bajre ki khichri

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