Picture-Perfect Paro

Straight out of a postcard, the valley of Paro entices one and all with its versatile mix of scenic beauty and street buzz. A place of much picturesque beauty, quaint houses and bakeries, and awe-inspiring temples and monasteries, Paro also offers shopping, laidback cafés, happening restaurants and an amphitheatre for the city aficionado. Paro is also home to the country’s only international airport.

Among the broadest valleys of Bhutan, Paro is swathed in nature’s gifts, including layers of terraced fertile rice fields, and forests filled with oak and rhododendron.  The town is also well-endowed with what it’s most famous for — its temples and monasteries. Among these is Bhutan’s most iconic attraction, the Taktsang Monastery, or the Tiger’s Nest. The name comes from a legend, which states that Guru Rinpoche rode to this spot on a tigress and meditated at the monastery!


7,200 ft





16,000 approx.


  • Variety of chillies
  • Singing bowls, Prayer beads, Masks


  • Pan fried snow fish
  • Kewa datse, Momos

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