The Evergreen Periyar National Park

Spicy and wild…(OR Of spices and sanctuaries…)

Imagine you’re on a blissful morning hike into the forest, and suddenly you encounter an elephant at close quarters. It’s possible at Periyar. Want to listen to the varied sing-song tunes of an exotic avian population? You can at Periyar. One of the largest reserves in India is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala’s Idukki district. Situated high up in the Western Ghats, the sanctuary offers close-quarter encounters with a host of fauna.

The perfect sojourn in Periyar is incomplete without experiencing the effervescent plantations of cardamom, pepper and other spices.  Near the sanctuary, you can complete your jungle experience at eco-friendly accommodation. When you’re not hobnobbing with creatures in the wild, the vibrant spice market is worth a visit for a chance to purchase some high-quality spices.


2,000 ft


Ranges between 10℃–30℃


12,00,000 approx. (Idduki district)


  • Medicinal herbs at Ayurvedic centre
  • Pepper and Cardamom locally grown


  • Fish fry, Puttu
  • Idiyappamz

More Information

  • Fauna: Bengal tigers, Elephants, Giant squirrel, Macaque
  • Best time to visit Periyar Tiger Reserve is Sept–May

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