Umiam Lake view

The Khasi Santuary

The small road-side tea shops, the glistening pots and pans scrubbed to a silvery sheen, the smiling Khasi ladies, an innovative water supply system of bamboos dug out to serve as pipes, acquaint you to the simple living, with nature. As you settle into the life around the Umium Lake, soaking in the parables of the distinct matrilineal culture, the innocence of this world so different from the rest, is hard to miss.
You also don’t want to miss the trek to the unusual astonishing ‘root bridges’ near Cherapunjee, arguably one of the wettest places on earth, or the ‘sacred forests’ that may remind you of the famous Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’, or the chance to embrace the natural surroundings of a plethora of orchids and that botanical wonder, the carnivorous Pitcher Plant.
If we have one life to live, Shillong is just the heaven you deserve at least once, if not more, in the lifetime, and we deserve it now!


5,003 ft


13 C – 24 C

4 C – 21 C


1,50,000 approx.


  • Bamboo furniture,Honey,Bamboo shoot pickle
  • Shawls,Wooden handicrafts


  • Momos, Putharo
  • Jadoh,Dohneiiong
  • Kyat, Kwai

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