Awe - Inspiring Thimpu

Modernity meets Tradition

Imagine a place with no traffic lights, snow-capped mountain peaks fringing the landscape, dollops of fresh air….and a happening nightlife! You’re in Thimphu, a rare jewel in the crown of Bhutan, an intriguing kingdom that never fails to surprise.

The paradox of Thimphu comes as a pleasant surprise. While the capital city promises a bustling nightlife, it’s the only capital city in the world that does not depend on automatic traffic lights.  Instead, you can expect traffic policemen inspired by the British-Indian colonial era, with elaborate hand gestures that guide and control the traffic. Buddha Point, or Kuensel Phodrang as the locals know it, is a must-visit. Sitting here is the world’s largest statue of the Buddha, standing tall at over 51 meters, its body filled with 1,25,000 smaller Buddha statues. When in Thimphu, you’ll be treated to the anticipated traditional Buddhist attractions on the one hand; on the other, Thimphu has plenty of lively cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. This lively little city, Bhutan’s hub of activity, is modern yet traditional, and that’s what makes it special.


7,656 ft





85,000 approx.


  • Thankha paintings, Choektse ( painted lama tables )
  • Stamps, Textiles, Brassware


  • Ema Datshi, Ara ( rice wine),
  • Khuli, Kekti kewer

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