Tso Moriri

Spectacular Tsomoriri in Ladakh Valley

Breathtaking Blues

It is near impossible to imagine Tso Moriri’s grandeur unless you see it with your own eyes. Of all the Indian lakes at a high altitude, this is the largest. It evokes a sense of purity in the viewer no matter the season. The exquisite beauty of the lake is heightened by the stark ring of mountains surrounding it.

Visitors can spot black-necked cranes, bar-headed geese, and snow leopards if they are lucky! Journeying to Tso Moriri is an incredible experience in itself – the ride straddles wild streams and is often dotted with Tibetan asses wandering about.


15,080 ft





2,000 approx.

More Information

Tibetan wild ass (Kiang), marmots, red foxes and quite a lot of migratory birds can be seen during summer

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