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An Easy trek in Kumaon to Maheshwari Kund Munsyari – @desitraveler on his travels with us on Himalayan Photo Odyssey Munsyari

I no longer am much of a long distance hiker anymore, but I also try not to miss short hikes like I did in Spiti to Dhankar Lake.  While Uttarakhand has many famed treks for you to go for like Valley of Flowers, Roopkund, Pindari Glacier etc., what I did was a simple climb to a sacred lake called Maheswari Kund or Meesar Kund in local dialect. The important thing to note here is that our ancestors knew the importance of water bodies like lakes and rivers hence they were given status of Gods and Goddesses as they provided sustaining water, unfortunately in the name of progress we seem to have forgotten that our ancestors worshiped rivers like Ganga and called her Ganga Maiya or the Mother Ganga. –

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