As we travel the Rudra Xp way, we enrich our senses, grow in knowledge, experiences and these eventually make us happier and wiser.

This wealth of happiness and growth of soul can’t be one sided.  To keep the balance of nature and harmony intact, we need to give back while taking along so much with us, as no endeavour is fulfilling unless it contributes to the upliftment of its society.

As such, following are some of the ways we try to keep that balance:

  1. Rudra collection, is our way of contributing to the efforts of keeping alive and reviving the traditional art and crafts of the Indian Sub Continent, designed and tailor made to contemporary sensibilities. It is our endeavour to support and encourage, skill and talent to create economic activity at the grass root level.
  2. Rudra Xp stationary including our visiting cards and letterheads are made from rhino and elephant dung paper, called El Rhino Paper, an interesting invention by a simple man, in the north eastern corner of this country.

Sustainable Tourism:

  1. We encourage our team and travellers to demonstrate the ‘humane’ principles of travel by respecting people, cultures and local environments. We put a lot of effort in creating awareness amongst all our stakeholders, be it our team, associates, partnering hotels, service providers, as well as our guests, around appreciation for diversity, importance of human dignity and concern for local eco-system.

Little steps in daily operations:

  1.  All office paper and paper products are recycled where possible. Double-sided printing is the default setting on all printers.
  2. Avoid paper usage wherever possible and are in pursuit of a paper-free office.
  3. We use only energy efficient appliances, lighting as well water saving systems in our working spaces.
  4. We only use vehicles that comply with Euro 4 emission norms, to reduce impact on environment.
  5. We ensure our trips are designed in a way that limits the physical impact on the destinations we visit.

To suggest and share your ideas on the above or to know more about our efforts, please write to us at

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